Sealing profiles

Commonly known as rubber seals, these small but enormously important seals have to perform more tasks simultaneously than almost any other component. Weather resistance, air permeability, driving rain impermeability, fire protection and optimum operating forces are just some of the properties that seals must have depending on their area of application. mobil Kunststoffprofile has already developed various innovative solutions with a wide range of requirements, from plastic door seals to rubber frames. You, too, can take advantage of our know-how for your sealing profile.

Sealing profiles with added value

As a long-standing manufacturer of seals, we’re familiar with conventional applications such as window seals as well as innovative solutions for building seals. We always want to go one step further and simplify your processes, reduce costs and open up innovative application options with our profiles. You, too, can take advantage of our know-how: we work together with you to develop your sealing profiles with individual added value for your application.

Materials for sealing profiles

  • Materials with different Shore hardnesses
  • Materials with good compression set
  • Suitable for subzero and warm temperatures

Customer benefits

We can produce sealing profiles for various applications.

From development to production, we focus on the highest quality standards.

mobil Kunststoffprofile has already developed sealing profiles for customers from a wide range of industries.

References: Our sealing profiles in use

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