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Whether small electrical appliances such as blenders or large appliances such as dishwashers, white goods not only offer innovative functions for everyday use, they are also durable and contain high-quality components. The topic of plastics is growing in importance due to the increasing significance of energy efficiency and eco-friendly materials. However, our plastic profiles are not only ideal for all types of kitchen appliances: They can also take on many other practical functions in the home. 

Environmentally friendly plastic for home appliances

When designing plastic components for household appliances, we focus entirely on your requirements – from colour and surface effects to environmentally friendly materials and the functionality of individual profiles. Naturally, we also consider topics such as special regulations, electrical insulation as well as resistance to cleaning agents. This way, you benefit from the best quality and can increase your energy efficiency by using plastics.

Advantages of plastic for appliance manufacturing

Various customer projects have allowed us to realise numerous different profiles for use in appliance construction or households, for example for dishwashers, refrigerators or shower systems. The sealing properties of plastics are especially important here. Our profiles also provide sound insulation, reduce energy consumption and are very customer-friendly to use. And thanks to our inline post-processing, plastic profiles can also be punched, drilled, etc., to produce individual parts ready for installation.

Preferred materials for appliance manufacturing


Our references in appliance manufacturing

Customer benefits

Energy consumption
Plastic profiles improve performance and reduce energy consumption.

Cost reduction
Plastic profiles are very good value for money. Technical possibilities combined with modern machinery enable new application options.

Plastics are durable, impact resistant and easy to clean.

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