Profiles for door and gate systems

Gate and door profiles perform several important tasks thanks to their innovative combination of materials. It’s not only their excellent sealing properties that are impressive. They also protect against environmental influences and offer valuable fire safety. Their good cost-benefit ratio and focus on easy assembly are further reasons why the versatile door and gate profiles from mobil Kunststoffprofile are so popular.

Plastic for door and gate systems

Plastic profiles can be used for a very wide range of applications in door and gate systems. We create door and shutter profiles as well as closing edge profiles for garage and industrial doors as well as profiles for roller doors, front doors, sliding doors, vehicle doors or wet room areas. We also make profiles for fire doors and gates. The profiles provide, among other things, increased safety (for example, finger protection profiles or fire protection profiles), improved comfort thanks to their soundproofing effect and protect against environmental influences.

Extensive knowledge in door and gate systems

Over the past few years, mobil Kunststoffprofile has been able to develop numerous profiles that are used in door and gate systems. These are particularly valued by our customers for their durability and the numerous properties that allow plastic profiles to be optimised to their place of use. The free design options are also an important factor that positively distinguish plastic profiles. Topics such as easier assembly, a significantly longer service life and lower overall costs are the reasons why many of our customers no longer want to do without plastic profiles when designing their door and gate systems.

Preferred materials for door and gate systems


Our references for door and gate systems

Customer benefits

Door profiles take on a protective role in fire protection, among other things.

Door and gate profiles are resistant and remain tightly sealed for a long time

Our profiles are ideal for front doors, security doors and many more.

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