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Today, plastic is omnipresent in business and exhibition equipment. And for good reason. Thanks to innovative solutions in shopfitting, you can stage your products on to make them eye-catching and really bring them to life – even with portable displays. In particular, we support system providers of business and exhibition equipment who want to use the benefits that plastic profiles can offer – be it their versatile design options, their considerably lower costs or the fact that they are lightweight and therefore practical. 

Versatile plastic solutions

The use of plastic in shopbuilding has proven successful for various reasons. Thanks to the infinite number of colours and countless design options, solutions can be completely tailored to your needs. This includes, for example, profiles that support the aesthetic presentation of your goods or are permeable to scanning devices. Because they are lightweight, plastics are ideal for exhibition equipment that is frequently moved around. We can also develop components that are specially designed to offer fire protection, electrical insulation or an antibacterial effect.

Advantages of plastic for shopfitting

Plastic is an extremely versatile material for use in shopfitting components and so too are its various properties. We can optimise the protective, sealing or guiding properties of profiles. Plastic profiles also reduce the risk of injury, especially when used to cover metal parts, all thanks to their long-term durability.

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Customer benefits

Design freedom
There are no limits when it comes to designing profiles for business and exhibition equipment.

Plastic solutions are ideal thanks to their significantly lower weight and easy handling.

Plastic profiles can be used to cover metal parts, reducing the risk of injury.

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