Profiles with excellent slide properties

The sliding properties of plastics are an art in themselves. We have undertaken a number of projects which have helped us to acquire a great deal of expertise in optimising these properties for a wide range of applications. It is important that the whole system is considered in each case. We use various influencing factors to assess this and then develop the best solution for you in terms of technology and price.

Plastic with slide properties

Plastics with optimised slide and anti-friction properties are beneficial in various fields. This includes, for example, incorporating plastic profiles in steel or aluminium rails during assembly work. It is often also worth optimising the sliding properties of dynamic applications such as seals for sliding doors, roller shutter guides or flaps, as well as static applications such as contact adhesion for closed doors or gates. We would also be happy to show you the potential you can tap into with good sliding profiles.

Materials for sliding profiles

Various customer projects have provided mobil Kunststoffprofile with a wide range of experience when it comes to plastic with sliding properties. The following materials in particular are tried and tested and are in especially high demand:

  • Bonded coating
  • Assembly paint
  • Silicone
  • HDPE materials
  • PP materials
  • POM materials

Customer benefits

Cost efficiency
In our work, we always look for the solution with the best possible price.

Your individual system requirements are taken into account for optimising the sliding properties.

We are already familiar with plastics that have sliding properties thanks to our many years of experience.

References: Our sliding profiles in use

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