Reinforced profiles

For certain plastic profile applications, it makes sense to influence the mechanical properties of plastic. Here, fillers such as glass fibres or minerals offer a wide range of possibilities when incorporated into the plastic. Glass-fibre-reinforced plastic (ABS, PA) has a higher strength and rigidity, talc-reinforced plastic has a higher rigidity and also a lower tendency to warp. We know what makes the best quality reinforced profiles. We would be happy to show you how you can benefit from reinforced plastic profiles.

Materials for reinforced profiles

Reinforced profiles can be produced with almost any type of plastic. We would be happy to offer you the best options for combining plastics and fillers, tailored to the requirements of your specific application.

Customer benefits

Reinforced plastics impress with the rigidity of the material.

Material diversity
Various fillers are available to reinforce plastic.

When reinforcing plastic, we know exactly what to look for thanks to our many years of experience.

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