Every innovative plastic solution starts with a well thought-out idea. We have used our vast experience in plastic engineering over the years to develop new profiles from start to finish. From concept and feasibility studies to simulations to rapid prototyping, our vast knowledge of materials and manufacturing gives you the support you need throughout all development processes. This saves you both time and money.

Plastic solutions with added value

We always have one clear objective when developing innovative solutions for plastic profiles: giving you a clearly quantifiable benefit. It is this aspiration that drives our teams to top performance time and again. From ideas through to production, the experience we have gained from previous projects implemented across a wide range of industries inspires all of our work.

New approaches to plastic solutions

When you’re breaking new ground, the support of an experienced partner promises the greatest chance of success. So if you want to leave the beaten track, develop new plastic profiles and expand your market position, draw on the experience of our specialists. They are well-versed in taking new approaches to plastic solutions, using creativity techniques to sketch out initial ideas. And they’re not afraid to think outside the box. Then, during the development phase, these concepts are refined and optimised together with the customer. In this way, ideas are turned into reliable, repeatable plastic solutions that prove their worth in the real world.

Tools for plastic profiles made to measure

If you want the best profiles, you need the best tools. That’s why we design tools ourselves based on each unique profile design, simulate them and have them manufactured by selected partners. Our proximity to our partners guarantees you the fastest delivery times. Our process engineering department samples the profile ready for series production. Profiles can be produced “mono” or as “coex” from several plastics. The complexity of the tool depends on the geometry, the material and the number of running metres. Each geometry requires its own tool set. Tools from mobil Kunststoffprofile come with special benefits for you:

  • Tools for high-quality mono, coextrusion and hybrid products
  • We accommodate your project budgets and specified unit costs
  • In-house service and repair workshop
  • Optimally protected tool storage
  • Proven expertise in tool production with over 70 in-house tools developed each year

Production tolerances for plastic solutions

As a developer and producer of plastic solutions for a wide range of industries, working with precision is second nature to us. For thermoplastic profiles and hoses, we adhere to DIN standard 16941, and for rubber profiles and hoses to DIN ISO 3302-1. This is your guarantee that our products comply with industry tolerances for your end application.

Customer benefits

In-house tool design for demanding geometries.

Our solutions are innovative and well thought-out.

From development to 0-series in record time.

Do you need plastic profiles made to measure?

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