Profiles for the building industry

The challenges in construction are becoming ever more complex. Today’s plastic components must meet ecological and safety standards and promote sustainable construction while also offering pure functionality. In response to the growing demands, we offer efficient, innovative construction profiles for various applications in the building industry. Whether for façade systems, sealing systems, ventilation technology or skylight systems, our profiles offer individually optimised properties and are also valued in the industry thanks to their robustness. 

Plastic profiles make energy-efficient buildings possible

Plastic profiles offer the building industry many advantages. As part of the building’s waterproofing system, for example, they ensure that water reliably stays outside the concrete structure. They can also provide thermal insulation within the building envelope, facilitate the assembly of individual components or protect against wind and weather as a window profile. They improve building efficiency thanks to their sealing and insulating properties. They are also durable, impact-resistant and just as resistant to high minus or plus temperatures as they are to UV light.

Plastic profiles reduce costs

Thanks to the many design options, plastic profiles can be optimally integrated into a building’s appearance, making them not only functional but also visually impressive. Furthermore, they often offer opportunities to significantly reduce system costs. Whether equipped with sliding properties or designed entirely to meet industry standards, mobil Kunststoffprofile is your partner for all types of profile for the construction industry.

Preferred materials for the building industry

ABS, ASA, PA, PVC, TPE (TPV, TPS), EPDM, reinforced and fire protection material

Our references in the building industry

Customer benefits

Building efficiency
Thermoplastic profiles help you to improve heat and sound insulation.

Design options
Plastic profiles can be designed as desired and fitted into the plans .


Thermoplastic profiles are robust, low-maintenance and weather and UV-resistant.

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