Profiles for commercial vehicles

The range of applications for plastic profiles in vehicle construction is as diverse as the industry itself. They can be used in many vehicle components as fire protection measures, they contribute to cost reduction thanks to their low weight and even protect against weather, dirt and scratches. As our high-precision profiles can be adapted and refined according to your requirements, they can also be optimally tailored to your application. We would be happy to assist you in designing the perfect profile for your mobility project.

Plastic in the transportation industry

Whether rail vehicles, buses or lorries: vehicle manufacturers are primarily concerned with safety and cost-effectiveness. Plastic profiles can provide you with many benefits in both areas. As a substitute for metal, they can reduce costs and weight. This in turn increases the efficiency of the vehicles, as less energy is required to move them. Due to their exceptional durability, plastic profiles are also chemically resistant and low-maintenance, which makes them more cost-effective. Our coextrusion solutions made of two different plastics mean that our profiles also support multifunctional applications and they are often easier to assemble.

Applications of plastic

Various customer projects have already allowed mobil Kunststoffprofile to develop a number of solutions for vehicle construction and mobility components. The outstanding properties of fire protection profiles were used in various applications, for example, in doors or fastening systems. We took advantage of the fact that plastic profiles are also extremely impact and scratchresistant and can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes to replace aluminium covers with plastic. It goes without saying that the special requirements of vehicle construction such as strength, durability and electrical conductivity have to be taken into account.

Preferred materials for vehicle construction

Flame-retardant materials (e.g. according to EN45545) EPDM, NBR, TPE (TPV, TPS, TPO), ABS, ASA, PVC-U, PVC-P, PC, PA

Our references in vehicle construction

Customer benefits

Weight reduction
Lighter components offer great potential for vehicle manufacturers, including for rail vehicles.

Plastic components require very little maintenance as they are corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, impact-resistant, flexible and soft.

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