Invisible but essential – fire protection for rail vehicles.

Hundreds of thousands of people use the railways every day. They put a lot of strain on the elements installed in the rail vehicles. This high stress leads to wear and tear and to the need to replace components at maintenance intervals and to adapt them to the state of the art. This was the case for a mobil Kunststoffprofile customer who supplies seat fastening systems to rail vehicle manufacturers. The customer had to adapt the systems to meet the higher fire protection requirements.

The challenge

PVC was used as a cover for the mounting rail in the previous seat fastening system. However, this material no longer meets current fire protection standards and is also not the ideal choice in view of the higher mechanical load. The task of mobil Kunststoffprofile was to optimise the plastic profile so that it meets the changed requirements. It is also easy and safe to install and visually fits in with the mounting rail, i.e. it is less visible.

The joint solution

The requirements were worked out with the customer and the project team decided in favour of polyamide (PA). This best meets the mechanical and fire protection requirements of the system. Thanks to mobil Kunststoffprofile's high level of expertise in process engineering, this material was successfully processed and a functionally sound profile was produced. This is valuable know-how that will be used in future projects for processing fire-protected polyamides.

Customer benefits

Compliance with fire protection standard
The optimised profile fulfils the current EN45545 standard.

Assured time-to-market
Timely further development and production of the profile for replacement at the maintenance interval – planned by the end customer.

Longer service life
The component is better able to withstand the mechanical stress (which also increased with the higher number of passengers).