Profiles for lighting systems

Thanks to their positive properties, plastic is used in many ways with lighting profiles – on the one hand in the form of covers, and on the other hand as mountings and brackets for light sources. The use of transparent or diffuse plastics enable optimal light diffusion. We would be happy to show you how many different ways you can benefit from plastics, based on various solutions for your project.

Thermoplastics for lighting technology

In the past, heat flows and energy flows for LEDs have been very complex. However, solutions now exist for the generated heat, allowing the electrical insulation to remain in place. Using plastics offers more design freedom and saves weight. Thermoplastic profiles are also very robust, protect and seal in equal measure and thus also meet UL94-V0 fire protection standards.

Advantages of plastic profiles for lighting technology

Design freedom also played a major part in customer projects carried out by mobil Kunststoffprofile in the field of lighting technology. For example, plastic lighting profiles were used in illuminated handrails and as an illuminated profile on the ceiling. Plastic profiles are also beneficial because they provide protection, seal and are weather-resistant. Moreover, since we can also combine them with different materials using the coextrusion process and post-process them inline, they are multifunctional and can elevate LED lighting systems to a new level of ease of assembly and safety.

Preferred materials for lighting technology

PMMA, PC, PVC-U, PVC-P, ABS, modified in fire protection and ESD

Our references in lighting technology

Customer benefits

Design options
Plastic profiles provide a lot of freedom with LED lighting systems.

Thermoplastics are weather-resistant and durable.

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