Profiles for shading systems

Weather and sun protection systems provide sunlight as required. They also prevent people looking in and, depending on the type of blind, they protect us from wind and rain. Although plastic profiles are barely seen, they perform important functions in shading systems thanks to their optimum sliding properties and weather-resistant, reduced-noise and low-maintenance characteristics. Cost-effective, robust and customised to your requirements, they can improve curtain systems as well as awnings or blinds.

Plastic for sun protection systems

The demands on shading systems are constantly growing. They not only have to be quiet and low-maintenance, but also highly resistant to temperature and UV radiation. Plastic profiles offer the perfect answer to all these requirements. Innovative combinations of materials, among them hard and soft outdoor plastics, enable us to produce new, cost-effective, high-performance systems. Plastic profiles operate with the highest precision and reduce frictional resistance to adjacent components. This makes them especially quiet and also prevents them from rubbing off onto fabrics, for example.

Sun protection systems with added value

Various customer projects have already allowed mobil Kunststoffprofile to improve numerous shading and sun protection systems with optimised profiles. This has created a wide range of benefits for individual manufacturers. For example, we have already produced curtain systems that make hanging curtains easier than ever. Our know-how and innovativeness have also helped our customers save costs, for example through the use of multifunctional profiles or a better choice of materials for existing profiles.

Preferred materials for sun protection systems

ASA, SAN blend, HD-PE, LD-PE, PP, PVC-U, ESD materials

Our references for shading systems

Customer benefits

Plastic profiles for sun protection systems are UV and weather resistant.

Design options
Profiles for shading systems can be colour-coordinated.

Cost reduction
Choosing the right material guarantees the longevity of the component, which ultimately saves costs.

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