Plastic profiles and seals are produced by extrusion. The term “extrusion” comes from the Latin “extrudere”, which means “to press out” or “to push out”. This is the origin of the term “extrusion”, which is commonly used in practice. Extrusion allows hard and soft thermoplastics as well as elastomers to be processed into endless moulded parts or semi-finished products. The machine setup is chosen based on the material. This ensures the high quality of the end products and gives you the high-profile added value for which we are renowned.

Extruded plastic profiles: Material

Plastic isn’t just plastic. Simple standard plastics, engineering plastics or high-performance plastics are used to create extruded plastics, depending on the task and requirements. This means the most demanding standards in the areas of fire prevention, drinking water or construction can be reliably fulfilled. It is always worth scrutinising the choice of materials. Is the material suitable for the profile contour? Has it been over-specified for this task and is therefore too expensive? Having us clarify this and other similar questions is a service from which you will definitely reap rewards.

Customer benefits

Choosing the plastic
A wide variety of plastic raw materials are used, depending on the requirements.

Financial factors are taken into account in development and production.

Both plastics and processing machines meet the highest standards.

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