Piping seals and beyond for water and piping systems

Whether for seals or as part of the filter, for example, food-safe plastic solutions are ideal for water supply and water treatment for various reasons. Among other things, they are not susceptible to corrosion and their flexibility makes them excellent for sealing, meaning they are indispensable. Drinking-water-compliant plastic ensures that water supply and water treatment processes are cleaner and more hygienic. This is essential for water companies.

Food-safe plastic

Plastic profiles can be designed extremely flexibly and tailored entirely to the respective application in terms of the material. They are chemically resistant, approved for food-use and also comply with drinking water standards. Their antibacterial properties mean that our plastic profiles also reduce fungal infestation. Thanks to our many years of experience in optimal profile design, we are the partner you need to develop your profiles. We also like to use several plastic components to combine functions and simplify your processes.

Preferred materials for water and piping systems

ABS, PVC, EPDM, NBR, CR, TPC/TPE-E (Hytrel®), TPE (TPV, TPS), TPU, drinking water certificate, FDA, KTW, W270

Our references in water supply and treatment

Customer benefits

Corrosion and pressure-resistant, plastic profiles are ideal due to their low maintenance requirements.

Germ prevention
Plastic components reduce fungal infestation, thus ensuring hygienic standards.

The right choice of material and the geometric design are decisive for optimum sealing.

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