Customised profiles

We couldn’t imagine life without plastic. Plastic profile solutions can be found everywhere in everyday life. You can see them when you open your garage door or bedroom wardrobe, or when you shower or vacuum. Although our profiles are often hidden in the details, they are always highly functional and of the highest quality. Do you need a custom plastic profile beyond our standard industry solutions? Then we’re the right partner for you. Together with you, we develop a customised plastic profile tailored to your product, including customised assembly and packaging on request.

Your plastic profile made to measure

An almost unlimited choice of materials as well as numerous processing and finishing options. This is what mobil Kunststoffprofile offers you when designing our bespoke solutions. You will of course also benefit from the other advantages of our standard and high-performance materials. These range from their flexible application to their energy efficiency and high performance. Moreover, our profiles are extremely low-maintenance and an optimal and inexpensive replacement for metal components.

Using our know-how to produce your custom-made profile

At mobil Kunststoffprofile, we put the customer at the heart of everything we do to enable us to implement profiles and seals according to your requirements. We take an in-depth look at your project and show you different ways to best achieve your goals. This gives you solutions with added value, for example by combining different materials or pre-assembling plastic components. Thanks to our cross-industry know-how and many years of experience with materials and production processes, we develop perfectly tailored plastic profiles. And we do this for every application.

Preferred materials for customised profiles

Thermoplastics, hard, soft, elastomers, special materials

Our references for customised profiles

Customer benefits

Profile solutions made of plastic are very versatile and always in demand.

Material diversity
You can choose from various standard and high-performance materials.

Cost reduction
Plastic profiles are very good value for money.

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