A high level of vertical integration with individual assembly – from a single source.

Anyone doing military service in Switzerland will be familiar with the Duro support vehicles of the Swiss Army. They are part of everyday military life. When the Duros were due to be updated, the system partner commissioned with this task, VERWO AG, was looking for a manufacturer for a TPE seal with prefabricated base plates. mobil Kunststoffprofile won the contract because it was able to provide everything from a single source.

The challenge

Firstly, the task involved extruding a seal made of TPE – a job that mobil Kunststoffprofile is very good at. The base plate is unusual in that the wooden panel had to be pre-treated and glued to the seal that had previously been welded together to form a frame. To finish, the metal embossed parts and foam parts had to be glued into the base plate.

The joint solution

mobil Kunstoffprofile’s high level of vertical integration, which goes beyond profile extrusion, enables individual assembly. This includes cleaning the panels, spot woodworking and applying the adhesive, right through to installing the seal. The customer received a complete solution from a single source, from one contact partner.

Customer benefits

Everything from a single source
Reduces the complexity and effort for the customer and enables more flexible delivery dates.

Short decision-making channels
The close proximity meant that meetings and deliveries could take place at short notice.

100% Swissness
mobil Kunststoffprofile AG and mobil Werke AG manufacture in Switzerland and stand for high quality.