Profiles for modular systems/light metal construction

Thanks to their practical properties, modular systems have been gaining importance in the construction and assembly of production plants, workshop equipment, etc., for several years now. Suppliers tend to rely on aluminium as a material. However, plastic profiles open up numerous advantages as a replacement for metal. Depending on the area of application, they ensure optimum guidance, a reduction in friction or perfectly matched electrical insulation.

Plastic as a metal substitute

Plastics can be a valuable addition to support aluminium systems and optimise them in terms of noise production, impermeability and appearance. As a professional partner for plastic profiles, however, it is important to us that properties are perfectly matched. We only recommend the use of plastic where it offers added value.

Thermoplastic profiles in use

Profiles made of thermoplastics have the following advantages over aluminium components: they are light, electrically insulating, have excellent sliding properties and are characterised by lower heat transfer. Furthermore, thanks to the infinite colour palette, they can be adapted to your individual colour concept. The coloured plastic can replace painted metal profiles in many places, making scratches and signs of wear less obvious.

Plastic profiles to complement modular systems

Plastic profiles can easily be used to complement existing system modules. They can be used together with aluminium components to complement them. Their contour accuracy and tolerance range correspond to those of conventional construction profiles. Low-maintenance and weight-saving, they are also multifunctional thanks to the use of multi-component material.

Preferred materials for light metal construction

PP, PE-HD, PE-LD, ABS, SB, (possibly ASA), PVC-U, PVC-P, POM, PC, PMMA, TPE (TPV, TPS, TPO), TPU, EPDM, NBR potentially modified for ESD and fire protection

Customer benefits

Cost reduction
Plastic profiles allow functions to be combined, which reduces costs for the overall system.

Flexible design options
Plastic profiles can be coloured, laminated or foil-coated according to customer requirements.

Functional design
Plastic profiles allow easy assembly functions to be integrated, such as a clip and plug-in function.

Our references in light metal construction

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