This new profile development reduces assembly costs with every “click”.

Manufacturers who offer attractive products that can be easily, cheaply and reliably installed will definitely impress staircase specialists. A German staircase manufacturer with an excellent reputation for durable and energy-efficient loft and interfloor staircases was searching for just that. They commissioned mobil Kunststoffprofile to develop a more assembly-friendly profile for loft stair hatches.

The challenge

A single-piece cover profile was previously used on the loft stair hatch. The assembly was carried out “overhead” on the construction site and was cumbersome, time-consuming and the result was not always satisfactory.

The joint solution

When jointly defining the requirements for a new profile, the focus was on three aspects – easier installation on site, a contemporary and high-quality profile design and a version with two variants, which was to be cost-effective as a pure installation profile and as a premium variant with a cover profile. The solution from mobil Kunststoffprofile is a two-part design consisting of a mounting profile and a cover profile. The installation profile is pre-attached during production of the loft stair hatch. The cover profile can be easily attached on site thanks to the “one-click” construction.

Customer benefits

Assembly costs noticeably reduced
The loft stair hatch cover is easier and quicker to install. 

Sales volume increased
The time saved during installation and the attractive and contemporary design have led to an increase in demand and sales in the specialist retail trade.